Another Way to Expand the Territory

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The European Union plans to expand its boundaries. It is reported that the EU plans to provide membership in the organization at the same time so as to cope with other problems and the migration flow.

As noted, the European Union will send a proposal to Albania, as well as Serbia, Montenegro, Republic of Macedonia Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. This solution lies that the Balkan countries let through the main.

Additionally, the interests of other countries in this region are alarming the EU. This may include China, which signed an agreement with Serbia, in addition to investing in transportation projects and in the high-speed railway Belgrade – Budapest.

It’s not surprising that the European Union will try in every possible way to strengthen its influence in this area. The book indicates that the deadline for these countries’ accession is 2025, however, this date is considered less a real date, but as an incentive for motivation to get an early accession.

The main priorities of the EU are clear for critter removal from attic , however, there are some reasons, and they’re not for joining countries beneficial.

First of all, it is worth recalling that Germany in recent years has become famous. And it is possible that if these countries join the EU, Germany will try to accommodate refugees on their territory. A fantastic move, beneficial to Germany, covering up with the thoughts of the EU, to ease the migration pressure.

It is necessary to take into account the economic factor of potential accession. The Balkan countries, in this list, are difficult to attribute to countries. For them, accession to the EU may not only be profitable, but damaging, relative to the economy. The transition to a single currency, the euro, the establishment of provincial norms this all can negatively affect the economic development of these countries.

Bulgaria being in situation that is awkward. The country that has joined the EU has a number of issues, both economic and political. It’s not possible to say that Bulgaria is helped by the European Union. Because of this, Bulgaria is made to solve her problems herself. In the crossroads between Germany and its neighbors in the Balkans – Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria the predecessor of the European Commission, will be in addition. After all, the European Union itself has said that the chairmanship can help the Balkan countries’ integration . And it’s possible that under the influence of Germany, Bulgaria will be forced to convince its neighbors to conclude not advantageous agreements . Thus, its relations can deteriorate with her Balkanian neighbors.

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