Berlin: Lessons We Should Have Learned

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How often have we heard about the importance of learning from history we continue to witness, our failure, to do so, in a relevant significant way? Merely looking at events and the history of the twentieth century, provides reduce much of the apathy, and classes, which, if we were more fortunate, would change perceptions.

  1. The Hitler period: What propelled Hitler and why were so many, willing to follow him? Driven by a mixture of nationalism and bitterness after World War 1, he appealed to the so – called, darker side of human nature, and articulated a fear – driven, biased message, pitting one segment of German society, against another. He anointed himself, as dictator, and got rid of his Bat in Attic . Killing of over 6 million innocent people, the eventual, created an awful Holocaust. Recent events should alarm americans, including more hate crimes, neo – pronouncements, and the election of a President, who seems to threaten anybody, who disagrees or opposes. The United States, was created, based on liberties and justice and, although President Trump, seems to believehe deserves allegiance, due to his position the American way. Germany focuses on protecting rights, and has recognized the consequences of the past.
  2. Berlin Wall and Cold War: Following World War 2, Russia / USSR, and the Allied Forces, divided Germany into West and East, and each claimed a sector. Probably, because of many in the East sought to go to the West, in the middle of the night, in 1961, Russia built the Berlin Wall. After that, about 150 people were killed, attempting to escape. Following the country, and. City, was unified, Germany flourished around 1989, and Berlin became a lively, contemporary city. As opposed to learning, walls are a solution, President Trump, has sought to attract followers with vitriol and rhetoric, and used building a southern wall – filled emblem, for them, to unite .

Modern day, Germany, recognizes the need to secure their democracy, focus on environmental, economic and sustainable policy, and learn important lessons from history. Fear, under our current leadership, america, has not, and there’ll be ramifications.

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