Why Voters Must FOCUS Better?

Democrat, Republican, Heart, Frame

This so – called, debate, was , debacle than discussion, with, apparently, the rest – of – the – pack, piling – on, against Michael Bloomberg, often doing so, more like a soap opera, than political theatre, etc! Calling Mike, a billionaire, and, indicating, all billionaires are the same, and evil, is both, inaccurate, as well as nearly as abhorrent as lumping – together, any group! Every participant has strengths and weaknesses, and issues that are isolating may attract supporters, etc, but provides, at best, an inadequate, incomplete image! This sort of campaigning, and behavior, continues being used, since it appears successful, to some, and a path, of resistance! If we expect to have an America, which we are a lot more proud of, and is saner, and more powerful, individuals must take the personal obligation, to effectively, FOCUS, more clearly, thoroughly, effectively, and with an emphasis on the larger – picture! With that in mind, this guide will attempt to analyze consider, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why it matters and represents, and what this means.

  1. Face facts; future; furnish; fruition; faithful: Instead of empty rhetoric, and promises, we will need to elect people, that are ready, willing, and able to deal with the facts, and articulate a compelling message, accordingly! They need to be relevant, and sustainable, and supply ideas, for considerations, in addition to present needs. Examine, if they are faithful, to their own personal agenda, or to the general public, and/ or, self – interest. Will they just bring forth, pie – in – the – sky, idealistic thoughts, with little, to no chance of approval, or introduce workable, pragmatic solutions, which make a real path, to creating a change – for – the – better?
  2. Options; opportunities; organized: prevent the My way, or the highway, type of public leader! These individuals refuse to consider taking care of an animal in attic, anything aside from their way, and, thus, limit the possibilities, by limiting options and alternatives! We want public officials, who will recognize opportunities or, create their own chance, in an organized, well – considered manner!
  3. Character; creative; coordinate; cooperate: There’s no substitute for quality of character, which co – exists with creative leadership, and a willingness to be the cause of a meeting – of – the – minds! Citizens win when one coordinates his activities and ideas, with a cooperative attitude!
  4. Usual; unusual; urgent; unifying: the best leaders address, both, the usual, as well as unusual needs and requirements, of our society! He must be able to recognize others that are unifying, and issues, from petty ones, for the greater good!
  5. Sustainable; solutions; support; stronger: One shouldn’t be elected, if he fails to serve and represent his constituents, by considering choices, and introducing viable solutions, which provide service, and make our country, and citizens, stronger, and better!

We can not afford to keep rhetoric, and individuals, based on their promises! The only way to earn greater, the country, is to, Make America Sane Again!

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